SEA LIFE - PR KITE SURFING (67mb) added 02.25.10NEW!!

Mostly kite cam footage, this video features some mellow wave riding and clips of the reef at Shacks. I was doing a little R and D for and using a custom kite cam grip. Well, it worked great!! The reef and waves just light up in the view from 23 meters above. I did some "stabilizing" so it kind of looks like shots are taken from a helicopter.....with a really drunk pilot!! What can I say, its a trial run!

Jazzy soundtrack from The Greyboy Allstars

EPISODE 2.0 WAVE RIDING (215mb) Added 08.05.09NEW!!

This 22 minute Marshall Movie is more like an episode of an action sports program on cable tv, (podcast style). You'll laugh at my attempt to host my first Marshall Movie episode! But you'll gaze in wonder at all of the killer wave riding!! Included in this episode is a segment where I describe the gear and conditions of the day, and awesome waterman , JOHN DODD, from Florida is the subject of this episode's Rider Brofile . Did I mention the blazing Puerto Rico footage from January 09'!!!

Killer sounds from All That Remains , Rezin , and King's X guitarist, Ty Tabor rock the F*&k out of this video!!!

Attic Jam (49mb) added 03.07.09NEW!!

With footage from fall/winter 09', this jammin' kite flick features a typical, after sesh , jam session at the world famous East Of Maui sound studio, aka "mike's attic"! Mike Littlejohn kicks ass on the drums and kiteboard, and Dean Mikulla struggles to keep up on the bass. Kiters Scott Kendall, Greg Morrison, Steve Sabia, Matt Ramsey, and yours truley fill out this cast of freaks!

This episode of Marshall Movies also includes the debut of a new feature, "RIDER BRO-FILE". St Augustine's Dale Martin is the subject of this episode of RIDER BRO-FILE. Killer sounds from LA HIP HOP artists PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS

The Next Kite Movie (34mb QT) added 07.06.08NEW!!

WMV Version(8mb)

These are the some of the latest kiteboarding clips shot with my new GL2. One of the best kiters in the Berlin Maryland area, Scott K ( aka Mr Smooth), shows us how he got his nick name! And Mike Littlejohn's monster dog , "B-Rad", makes his video debut. Killer sounds from Drowning Pool

Ocean City 03.19.08 (30mb QT) NEW!!

This wave riding session was the first one of the 2008 season on the East Coast for me. A strong noreaster roared off the coast and sent a meaty swell towards the Maryland shore line. Well over head waves and 20+ winds made this a day to remember!!! Music by Ben Harper

April Solo Sesh (16mb QT)NEW!!

This is a kiteboarding clip I shot of myself last April when nobody was around. The wind was light and offshore, and the waves were solid head high and soooo clean! I just set the camera up, pointed it down wind, and hoped for the best. Music by DJ Greyboy

Puerto Rico Crash Clips (38mb QT)

In this movie, I took some of the worst/best! kitesurfing crashes from one of my recent PR trips, and edited them with some riffs from Swedish rockers, BLIND DOG. There's nothing like getting smashed onto dry reef by a double over head wave!! Check it out!!

Puerto Rico Wave Riding (31mb QT)

These are some of the best clips from the 2006 PR trip, with Mike Littlejohn, Brian Gore, Elias Kfoury, and Al duPont. Its also the first segment from my first full length movie. Lots of sick wave riding at the world famous reef break, Shacks Beach. Music by Ozomatli

Dewey Beach Kiteboarders (30mb QT)

This kiteboarding footage is about 3 years old. As you can see, the Dewey Beach crew was shredding thier asses off even back then!! Mike Littlejohn, Bruce Sheppard, Bryan "Safety" Rust, and John O'leary are featured.

Utah ski/snowboarding/law breaking (45mb QT)

When the Seven Springs crew moved camp to Salt Lake City, it wasn't a total "BUST"! Tons of sick powder, killer blue bird days, and a run in with a sympathetic judge awaited them! Backed up by a "smokin" soundtrack from Richmond rockers, Strike Anywhere, this ski/snowboard clip features my descent down a hard-pack ,icy , DeMoisy Peak at Snow Basin Resort in Ogden, Utah.

Mike Freyvogel/Utah snowbording (21mb QT)

Footage I shot a few years ago at Brighton Utah one day, of my good friend Mike Fryvogel riding sweet back country powder and Brightons famous terrain Park. At the end of this clip, Mike launches off a huge kicker and goes into orbit!! Slick soundtrack by The Greyboy Allstars.

Assateague Assassins(46mb QT)

This kiteboarding segment is mostly footage of my friends from the Berlin Md. area. Filmed in 2005 and 2006, huge air was and still is the norm, as you will see!! No annoying ponies in this movie, just killer kiteboarding! Heavy soundtrack from P.O.D

My first Kite Loop(5mb QT)

This short clip was caught on tape by chance while I was trying to do a kite loop. After many painful attempts , I landed one, my first! Nothing huge , just clean. As of 06.15.08 this vid had over 10,000 hits on youtoob. I'm not sure why, but I thought it deserved to be here.

Karaoke Kiteboarding with the Dewey Crew(41mb QT)

.WMV Version(if you dont have Quicktime)

This video includes Dewey kiteboarding Legend himself Warren Fuller . Warren and his lovely wife Janie spend their days of retirement kiteboarding almost everyday there is wind, let me rephrase that, everyday there is wind!! And Mike Littlejohn puts on a killer display of handlepasses and ummmm, vocals!?! Hardcore soundtrack from All That Remains

P.R. Excursions a Surf Video(84mb QT)

This 9 minute movies features Dewey Surfer Mike Littlejohn and friends surfing killer waves in Puerto Rico, USA. Some of the spots featured are "Wilderness", and Aguadilla's famous "Gas Chambers"!


I dug this video out of the vaults purely for nostalgia. Footage is from 02', as you can tell by the kites! Steve Sabia was ahead of his time, riding his directional, and building twin tips. I was 40 pounds heavier! And there were barely 10 kiters in all of Delmarva! No big tricks here, but lots of great footage. I left it as I edited it back in 03'


.WMV Version (8mb)

This is footage from my first try at snowkiting. While on a recent snowboard trip to Utah, a good friend took me to a place known as Skyline, Utah. There was no new powder but I can see why it's known as one of the best snowkiting destinations in the world!!